Lambretta Electronic ignition regulator rubber cover for Ducati type electronic regulators, MB


Another first from MB, designed by Mark Broadhurst

Fits all Vespa 3 and 5 pin regulators used on Lambretta and Vespa Electronic systems.

A small part to finish off your scooter.

TECH TIP; Spray the inside with penetrating oil or silicone spray to make wires slide into place easier.

£ 5.00
Price: £ 4.17 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Nick 14 Jan 2015 

very good product well made fit perfect

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Jef on 24 Feb 2016 asked "Cable entry seem very small for both loom and stator wiring. They definitely fit? This fits a 5 pin regulator?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The hole is tight to stop water. The trick is to pre heat the rubber with a hot air gun or boiling water and use some silicone spray and it should be no problem

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