Lambretta Wiring loom AC, AC-DC, DC, universal, includes MB earth loom, Black, Series 1, 2, 3, MB


Lambretta Black universal wiring loom, probably the most versatile loom on the market for Lambrettas with electronic ignitions.

  • Works with all Electronic systems for a Lambretta, Series 1, 2 and 3 models
  • Works with BGM, SIL, AF, Vespa, Varitronic and Casa flywheels and stator plates
  • Can be used to supply a standard AC Electronic ignition system
  • Can be used to supply AC with DC trickle feed for toys from a BGM, Varitronic and Vespa regulator/rectifiers
  • Can be used to supply a full DC battery only electronic conversion, MBgm, Wassell, Podtronic and single phase rectifier

Also includes the MB earth loom, Black

Designed by Mark Broadhurst

Wiring diagrams can be found in our TechSite by clicking HERE

£ 19.10
Price: £ 15.92 Ex Vat


Wiring diagrams can be found on our TECH-SITE

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5 star 1. Neil c 15 Jan 2019 

This is the 3rd one I've bought so far. Every scooter I've worked on recently has had an annoying electrical gremlin somewhere in the loom , whether it's a loose connection or insulation worn through in some inaccessible location. Fit one of these looms and you could save hours of tracing faults. Thanks, I'll be back for more !

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