Lambretta Rear hub nut set (kit) thick 3 hole type with 3 x 7mm allen screws, MB


MB rear hub nut and lockwasher kit - thick type to fit Series 3 type hubs.

This kit has a special purpose and a number of advantages.

1) Lockwasher comes with 3 holes to use 3 screws, making it safer if 1 or 2 screws come out

2) Lockwasher comes with 3 holes countersunk so the allen screw head locates to help lock the screws in position.

3) Kit comes with a recess underneath so you can use the thick 16mm plain washer, getting rid of the useless thin standard washer, thus helping spread the torque from the rear hub to to the hub

Kit comes complete with

MB rear hub nut, polished, stainless steel
MB thicker rear hub locwasher, polished, stainless steel
MB 7mm rear hub lockwasher screw x 3, stainless steel

16mm Plain washer, stainless steel


Most hubs are fine, but some have the holes slightly out, this can be overcome by tapping down with a 7mm tap or a light file in the difficult to fit place.

£ 16.99
Price: £ 14.16 Ex Vat

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Reviews ( 4 )


5 star 1. Brian M 26 Jan 2019 

Everything great the guys very professional


5 star 2. Dean 19 May 2017 

Great quality and fast delivery .... Use these all the time


5 star 3. Paul M 23 Dec 2020 

Great product as always


5 star 4. Dean J 28 Jan 2020 

As always a well made top quality part from MB

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Fraser C on 11 Sep 2020 asked "Does this come with your tall hub nut to accommodate any lay shaft"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it does

Joe on 31 Aug 2018 asked "Wich size of Allen key will fit into the bolts? I used 5.5, the closest I could get to fit in, but it almost jumping (rounding the corners). Please tell me. Thanks Joe"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These should use a 5mm allen key

Ray on 10 Aug 2018 asked "Will this item fit a gp "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it does

Samuel L on 24 Apr 2017 asked "Can I use this on the UNI rear hub which is a DL/GP style hub? Do I ditch the thin wavy washer and replace with the thicker 16mm washer supplied? Thanks, Sam"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it should fit and yes remove the thin washer

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