Lambretta Oil, 2 (two) stroke, Castor 927 Racing, Pre-mix only (do not mix with other oils) Maxima


MB have researched into improving lubrication for vintage 2-stroke engines using modern fuels for many years and have found Maxima Oils, a long established American company (40 years) who`s background has firmly come from racing, specialising in 2-stroke and 4-stroke lubricants.

Castor 927 Racing 2-Stroke oil is a 100% Castor bean oil. It provides maximum lubrication to the engines hottest parts, by sticking to the piston rings, cylinder wall, piston and the other major 2-stroke engine`s internal parts, i.e. big and small end bearings. The oil is 100% vegetable based, so is 100% bio-degradable.

Castor 927 is a unique blend of highly refined Castor oil, a specially prepared synthetic and an additive system that reduces carbon and gum formation and provides excellent rust and corrosion protection. Castor 927 also contains an exclusive additive that keeps power valves cleaner and working properly. For all of us that wish to keep our air and water cleaner, Castor 927 is biodegradable. Castor 927 keeps on lubricating; where other lubricants turn to carbon or vaporize, and provides extra protection on cylinder walls, bearing journals and other critical areas at temperatures much higher than other lubricants.


WARNING!!!!!!!! This a not a synthetic oil and will NOT mix with any other oils! If changing over from any synthetic oil, then the following must be adhered to: drain all existing fuel from tank, pour a tiny amount of pure petrol into the tank and run for a very short amount of time-eg ,1-2 minutes on TICKOVER, only to clear out the fuel lines, carb, and whatever remnants of 2 stroke oil are left in the engine, then stop the engine, re-fuel with the correct amount of Castor 927 and petrol, and remember to mix thoroughly as Castor based oils tend to be thicker than other 2-Stroke oils. Shake the container or scooter vigorously!

Recommended for all tuned Lambrettas, Alloy and Cast Iron tuned Lambrettas, high revving Lambrettas, etc etc, not really designed for standard engines.

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Some facts for you to read and decide - Castor oil versus Synthetic oil

The benefits and drawbacks of Castor bean oil:

Castor is a vegetable oil squeezed from the beans of the Castor plant, its a fatty acid ester, similar to what we see in very expensive, top of the range Polyol ester synthetics. When formulating 2 and 4 stroke engine oils using Castor as a base oil, one of the drawbacks is stearic acid. Approximately 2% of Castor bean oil is stearic acid. This portion of Castor oil produces the hard carbon and varnish deposits commonly associated with Castor based oils.

The other drawback is that when using low specific gravity (race fuel only 0.735Sp.G or Aviation fuel AV-GAS), castor oil may seperate from the fuel in very cold temperatures (-35F) NOT regular pump unleaded, it will stay mixed at low temeratures in unleaded fuel.

The Hotter The Better!!

Above are the drawbacks of using Castor oil. At this point someone might ask "Why would anyone want to use Castor bean oil?" Before you draw any conclusions, let us explain the benefits of using Castor oil.

First of all, Castor oil will stay fluid and not carbonise at temperatures over 700 degrees Farenheit. Not many fluids can make this claim, including most synthetics. Castor bean oil reacts on metal surfaces to build what is called "Platelets". The high film strength of these patelets keep the engine from having metal to metal contact points. Castor oil does one thing that neither synthetic oils nor petrolium oils can do - castor oil is attracted to heat, which means that it is drawn to the hotspots of the engine. (rings, cylinder, wall and bearings etc). When processed Castor oil does not change from season to season or vary its form depending on which region of the world it is grown in. Castor oils load carrying capability and high temerature stability are as good as any lubricant known to Man, Castor bean oils do burn a little dirtier, but on the other hand, they are a little less expensive than the high end Synthetic esters. Maxima feels that you can gain a little more performance and value for your money with Castor bean oil, than you can with the 100% polyol ester synthetic oils. Some of these oils do produce a cleaner engine, and in certain applications where there are long intervals between strip downs, this cleanliness is preferred.

What Maxima has done with the Castor 927 is to look at the drawbacks of using Castor oil and to compensate for them in our formulation with cutting edge chemistry, utilising detergents, and additional rust and oxidation inhibitors. The end product is what we describe as being extremely strong, clean burning and competitively priced.


Castor oils can settle if left for long periods of time, so if the bike has been left a while remember to shake up the oil/petrol mixture in the tank well - also if planning a long journey remember to take plenty of oil with you, as said previously, cannot be mixed with other oils.

Castor based 2-stroke is not the kind of oil you can find at service station petrol stations!

When run on Castor 927 it gives off that lovely "Race-track" smell!  But with the added benefits of being a modern formula with additives to enhance engine longivity.

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5 star 1. C M 12 Nov 2013 

I\'ve been using Maxima Castor 927 oil for a few years now and have never had a problem. I change my oil every 200-300 miles cos its easy to do and a good habit. When I tear down my motors I notice that the castor oil does an excellent job of sticking to the rings, piston and cylinder walls. I highly recommend it and wont consider using anything else.

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Sean on 25 Apr 2019 asked "What ratio mix do you recommend "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: 25 - 30:1

Mr P on 18 May 2018 asked "Hi I've been looking for a castor oil like 927 and just seen it on your website I've recently bought a lambretta gp 200 tuned engine but now a bit scared to use it in my mix as some people say you can have problems could you tell me your opinion or should I buy a 100% synthetic oil "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I would be inclined to use Maxima K2 fully synthetic over the castor oils, its much better long term. Nothing wrong with this castor but it really should be pre mixed before using, so ideal for race bikes

David t on 20 Oct 2014 asked "What procedures do I do in changing from castor to synthetic, "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Drain the tank and carb of fuel. I would run the motor on the choke with neat petrol for a few seconds to wash out the inside then use the synthetic as normal.

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