Dellorto Carb O ring kit, PH range, Brown, Viton, MB


This MB Dellorto O ring set can protect your carburettor from the ethanol in modern fuels by changing to Viton O rings.

This handy kit contains the following items

  • Carb top O ring (fits PHBL)
  • Carb top O ring (fits PHBH)
  • Float bowl O ring (fits PHBH and PHBL)
  • Air mixture screw O ring (fits PHBH and PHBL)
  • Slide stop screw O ring (fits PHBH and PHBL)
  • Choke jet O ring (fits PHBH and PHBL)
  • Float bowl main jet holder O ring (fits PHBH and PHBL)

These are Brown to identify them from normal Dellorto rubber items.

£ 4.60
Price: £ 3.83 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. Mr s 31 Dec 2021 

As always quality parts

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