Lambretta Electronic ignition, KyTronik Smart Booster advance box


Pronounced ''Key Tronic'' this is the best simple fit advance ignition box on the market for Lambrettas and Vespas engines.

Exclusively available in the UK from MB.

Comes with 16 different pre set ignition curves to suit any engine from standard to a full race spec motors.

Improvements are

  • engine runs smoother
  • better acceleration
  • safer high rpm from lower temperatures and lower risk of knocking from poor quality fuel

Every engine using an Electronic Ignition should have a KyTronik Smart Bnooster fitted.

Fitting instructions are here

The latest Smart Booster no longer has the Spark Magnifier built into it, you can if you wish use them together.

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As of May 2014 we are selling the 'Smart Booster 2' which is basically the same as version 1 but it does not have the functions of the 'Spark Magnifier'.

This means the smart booster 2 is more likely to work with any coil (the first version only worked with genuine Ducati, BGM, and Mitsuba coils).

The 'Smart Booster 2' has been tested with genuine Ducati, BGM, Mitsuba, Mitsubhi, CEM, AFR and Indian no-name coils.

If you want the functionality of the 'Spark Magnifier' you can still fit one as well as the 'Smart Booster 2'.

2016 had a revision to the maps and in 2017 there are also improvements to the first ramp from starting to the time the advance starts.


If using the the Smart Booster with Spark Magnifier then mount it like this;

stator > Smart Booster > Spark Magnifier > CDI


There's plenty of reading on ignitions to be read in our Tech-Site

Reviews ( 2 )


5 star 1. Stephen N 13 May 2014 

Please accept my apologies for taking so long to get back to you regarding the Kytronic. You were quite correct about the coil, I changed my cheepo one for a Ducati coil and it was all systems go. I have to say; the Kytronic is a brilliant bit of kit, I am running an old series 1 with a Casa 185 kit on it and it has improved the performance no end. Its much quicker on the acceleration, it starts much easier and it runs much smoother. Last weekend we did a 4 day trip of over 800 miles and it did not skip a beat.


5 star 2. Paul W 13 Jun 2014 

This is the 3rd one that I have bought, with the last 2 being the 2nd versions. In the past I've used Augusto and MTech and nothing wrong with them. But with Ky-Tronik, once you understand how they work, its so easy after that to set up and play around with the various settings. Got these on TS1, Monza and Malossi and all start first kick, without any exaggeration. Then pull swiftly through all rev range and gives me real confidence when flat out knowing that at 8000rpm my timing is around 15 degrees. (And around 17 degrees at max power, which in the lammies is around 6500-7000rpm) Great bit of kit

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Lloyd f on 17 Apr 2018 asked "Is this the latest version with the improved curves?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Yes it is

Ray on 06 May 2017 asked "Will this work with a varitronic system?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The Varitronic has a built in curve of its own and is not needed

N b on 24 Oct 2015 asked "If the kytronik sits on top of the cdi-coil unit and the wires from the ignition-stator are plugged into the blade terminals on top of the kytronik then what are the white,red,green leads for?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The kytronik can side where ever you want within reason on the lengths of the wires. Wiring you can't get it wrong, it's colour coded, plug in the wires from the stator to the Kytronik then into the CDI

Will D on 19 Dec 2014 asked "Is there any benefit in fitting all 3 of the Kytronics parts. Kytroniks spark magnifier KyTronik Electronic ignition advance box, smart booster 2 Kytroniks pifi pickup filter Also will they all work together "

MB Scooters Ltd replied: The new one early 2015 will have them combined in one

Paul d on 05 Dec 2013 asked "if the unit fails does it stop the cdi working, so as to stop the engine being damaged?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: In the even of a KyTronik Smart Booster failing, there would be no spark, so remove the box from the coil. And everything should be fine but remember to re-time the engine to your old fixed timings

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